Intensive Bootcamp

Unleash Your Inner Badass
In Just Three Days!

You're ready to take your career to the next level. You can just feel that you were meant for more.

But you feel stuck.

Some days, you feel like a total rock star. A badass of the highest order. Others, it's like you're trapped in a game where everyone else has figured out the rules and you're just on the sidelines, wondering where you missed the playbook.

You find yourself "reading the tea leaves" and attaching meaning to what you see. Wondering if you've really got what it takes. Perplexed by what you're doing wrong. Tangled up in an endless stream of disempowering thoughts.

I get you.

I was there once too. And that's how I know the tools I'll share in this three-day bootcamp actually work. They worked for me, and they will work for you too!

In this three-day intensive, we're going to aggressively tackle the thoughts that are limiting you and keeping you small. You'll get live coaching from me each day, along with proven tools and activities for you to practice what you're learning...all in a supportive community of others just like you.

In just three days, you'll learn mindset shifts that will get you out of your own way and on the path to a brilliantly successful, empowered, and joyful career and life! You'll learn how to start shifting your thoughts from "I'll never be good enough" to "I am a total badass!"


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Here's what I'll be teaching...

Thinking On Purpose

LESSON ONE: Tue June 23  

Thinking On Purpose

This may be hard to believe, but your thoughts determine whether you get more of what you want in life, or less. Thoughts lead to emotions, which lead to actions, which yield results...which ultimately validate the original thought. If you want to change your reality, you have to change the thought. Easy, right? Not so fast. We'll dig in to your thought distortions and start learning how to train new thought patterns that get you more of what you want.

Quashing Comparanoia

LESSON TWO: Wed June 24  

Conquering Comparanoia

We compare ourselves to others in so many destructive ways that only serve to feed our shame and self blame. This is what I call Comparanoia. Let's nip that in the bud, shall we? You've heard "comparison is the thief of joy," but how do you stop doing it? You'll learn the science behind why you do it and practice with some shiny new tools to shift it.


LESSON THREE: Thu June 25  

F*ck FOPO 

FOPO, or the Fear of Other People's Opinions, has stopped you in your tracks one too many times. This is one of the biggest ways you give up your power. Enough of that! The more you try to be something you're not, the more you're actually creating the direct opposite of what you really want. Learn why you give so much energy to it and how to turn that sh*t you can amp up your productivity, success and joy.

I'm Laura, and I'm a 25-year advertising veteran turned personal power accelerator. I led award-winning advertising efforts for multi-million, Fortune 500 brands like Walt Disney, Hallmark Cards, Sprint and Kraft Heinz at powerhouse agencies including Leo Burnett, 360i and FCB...all while living with a fierce case of Imposter Syndrome. Coaching changed all of that, and now I partner with clients to reduce stress, increase productivity, elevate confidence, and overcome exhausting politics, bias, and toxic work cultures by unleashing their personal power.

YOU have unlimited potential. My job is to gently kick your ass, fiercely empathize with you, and champion the hell out of you so that you can unleash it. I was trained and received my Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner credentials from the world's leading coach training program, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). I've earned the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). And I cured myself of Imposter Syndrome. Yeah, I'm a badass.

Laura Honeycutt

What Other Badasses Are Saying


I learned I'm better than what my brain tells me! What others think of me does not define me!



It's intense but so worth it. It feels good to start feeling so empowered!



It made me really stop and look at myself and the negative things I have been pummeling myself with.

~Becky R.


I learned to have grace and compassion for myself and I am so much better than I give myself credit for!

~Kimberley S.


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